Marketing & Promotion

DART is dedicated to sustainable tourism, which includes visitor management, heritage stewardship, and community development – and which ultimately benefits the local economy and quality of life. 

DART’s marketing strategies intend to provide a deeper, more personal experience of the region to attract and retain both visitors and residents who share our values.

  • DART markets to visitors seeking community, authenticity, adventure, connection, and relaxation.
  • Primary audiences are people who enjoy firsthand experiences and seek educational opportunities, authentic engagement with local cultures, and greater connection with nature and people.
  • DART promotes local “doers and makers,” traditional and innovative occupations, and natural resource-based industries and heritage.
  • DART advocates for responsible use of our cultural and environmental assets, and coordinates with organizations seeking to connect the region’s people and places responsibly and beneficially in a meaningful, mutually beneficial experience.

FY23 Marketing & Promotion projects are designed to further develop a cohesive regional identity while highlighting the individuality of communities across the region.

Read the 2022/2023 Marketing Plan

Goals of DownEast Acadia’s Annual Marketing Plan are to:

  • Increase the number and length of overnight trips to the region
  • Disperse visitors across all parts of the region to insure economic benefit  is realized and shared by all and to prevent or minimize any negative impacts caused by over-tourism 
  • Help visitors discover and experience the unique character, culture and environment of the region
  • Engage more businesses and organizations in partnering through co-marketing and co-branding
  • Provide each sub-region with a set of marketing tools that are both specific to that sub-region and that portray DownEast Acadia as a cohesive, multi-day destination with diverse experiences to discover and explore

Target Audiences for marketing promotion include:

  • Adults age 20-50
  • Multi-generational families; friend-groups; couples
  • Outdoor adventure and cultural/heritage travelers
  • Residents of Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic US, and Atlantic Canada
  • Those who enjoy trailblazing experiences, desire educational opportunities and authentic engagement, and seek greater connection with nature

Measurable Objectives include increasing the number of:

  • Visitors to DiscoverDownEast
  • Requests from potential visitors for the True Maine Visitor Guide
  • Leisure travelers making overnight trips to DownEast Acadia
  • Visitors choosing DownEast Acadia as their primary destination in Maine
  • Younger travelers and families in the 20-50 age range

Results are measured by:

  • Retail sales tax numbers
  • MOT’s annual visitor research
  • Number of requests for information
  • Analytics for DiscoverDownEast
  • Social media and digital advertising metrics
  • Active engagement from businesses and organizations across the region

Read the 2022/2023 Marketing Plan