Annual Marketing Plan

DART is dedicated to marketing efforts that reflect the diverse experience of people, places, and things to do across all of DownEast Acadia, as well as the region’s rich culture and inter-connected stories.

DART markets to visitors seeking

  • Authentic engagement with people and place
  • Immersive educational experiences
  • Quiet and relaxation
  • Connection with raw nature

Goals of DownEast Acadia’s Annual Marketing Plan are to:

  • Increase the number and length of overnight trips to the region
  • Disperse visitors across all parts of the region to insure economic benefit  is realized and shared by all
  • Sustain the the character, culture and environment of the region

Target Audiences for marketing promotion include:

  • Balanced Achievers and Genuine Originals
  • Adults, Primary age 45+, Secondary 35-55
  • Income $50K+
  • Families traveling with Children
  • Outdoor adventure and Cultural/heritage travelers
  • Residents of Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic US, and Atlantic Canada
  • Independent travelers with own transportation
  • Those who enjoy trailblazing experiences, desire educational opportunities and authentic engagement, and seek greater connection with nature

The basic goals of our Marketing Plan are to:

  • Promote DownEast Acadia’s MOST unique regional assets via paid advertising, social media, E-news letter, and our visitor guide
  • Seek earned advertising opportunities through media tours, blog and social media special guests, photography and video by local artists, and Maine PR Partners
  • Assist in promoting local businesses through our regional marketing themes
  • Engage more businesses in partnering through co-marketing and co-branding

Measurable Objectives include increasing increasing the number of:

  • Visitors to DownEast
  • Requests for information
  • Leisure travelers making overnight trips to DownEast Acadia
  • Visitors choosing DownEast Acadia as their primary destination in Maine
  • Younger travelers and families in the 25-45 age range
  • Maintain marketable overnight trips from consumers aged 45+

Results are measured by:

  • Sales tax numbers
  • Number of requests for information
  • Analytics for DownEast
  • MOT’s annual visitor research
  • Social media metrics
  • Active engagement from businesses and organizations across the region

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