What DART Does

DownEast Acadia Regional Tourism provides the following services for the entire region:

Support for Local/Regional Initiatives

  • DART supports regionally and locally significant efforts through its annual Marketing and Promotion Partnership Program with the Maine Office of Tourism.
  • DART seeks funding from other grantors to support business and professional development and expand marketing and promotion programs.
  • DART provides a regional voice to the Maine Office of Tourism, Maine Tourism Association and other state or private efforts affecting the region.
  • DART brings state, federal, and non-profit funding, technical assistance, and other resources to the region.

Training and Professional Development

  • DART collaborates with Maine Office of Tourism, Maine Woods Consortium, Sunrise County Economic Council, and others on tourism-related trainings and Destination Development.
  • DART hosts an Annual Tourism Symposium And Awards Luncheon for networking and professional development.  The Symposium is held in a different location each year, and each year’s theme focuses specifically on the best assets and stories of the host community

True Maine Visitor Guide

  • DART publishes and distributes an annual Visitor Guide for DownEast Acadia which promotes “True Maine” at its finest. 30,000 copies are printed annually, and a digital copy is accessible on DownEastAcadia.com.
  • “True Maine” Visitor Guides are sent to potential visitors upon request, and each Chamber within the region receives a list of visitor information requests to fulfill.
  • DART guides are distributed at all Maine State visitor centers, at AAA offices and visitor information centers throughout the mid-Atlantic states,  at national and Canadian travel shows by Maine Office of Tourism, at local Chambers of Commerce, and at local businesses and public offices.

Regional Branding

  • Streamline printed materials, advertisements, video, social media, and websites to carry a cohesive look in an ongoing effort to create brand recognition for the DownEast Acadia region
  • Provide a Tourism Toolkit to help businesses and communities market themselves cohesively with regional efforts

Travel Show Participation

  • DART sends 2 volunteer campground owners to the Maine RV and Camping Show in Auburn each spring.
  • DART visitor guides are distributed by the Maine Office of Tourism at approximately 8 national and Canadian travel shows annually.

Free Marketing Opportunities for Area Businesses/Event Organizers

  • Businesses and events can post their information free of charge on both the DownEastAcadia.com and Maine Office of Tourism websites

Cooperative Advertising 

  • DART purchases a DownEast Acadia section in Maine Invites You, the state Visitor Guide sent out by the Maine Office of Tourism (300,000 copies distributed annually)
  • DART also hosts an advertising coop and offers a subsidy to each Member Organization that purchases a sub-regional cooperative page in Maine Invites You

Other Paid Advertising

  • DART purchases broadcast advertising on Maine Public Radio from April through November to promote regional assets and events
  • DART advertises special aspects of the regional experience in a variety of print publications and digital marketing platforms each year.

Social Media & E-Newsletter Outreach

  • DART maintains Facebook and Instagram accounts to share articles, events, photos, visitor experiences, and news from the region
  • DART produces an E-Newsletter that is sent to potential visitors who express interest in the region via DownEastAcadia.com.

Photo & Video Procurement

  • DART contracts with local artists to create photography and video content that highlights special assets and special initiatives throughout the region.

Research and Analysis